Buckle up and accelerate – The best online racing games


The online world is colourful, fast-paced and full of adrenaline. With the best way to live out his urge for a quick ride, it is to go behind the virtual steering wheel. On some adventurous, some detailed tracks, it goes in chic filters wild to the point. Here are our favourite games from the genre.

Need for Speed

Need for Speed ​​is one of the oldest and most popular racing games out there. Their online offshoot is called Need for Speed ​​World and was released in 2010. Equating to a huge lounge, you’ll meet your virtual friends and rivals and take the contest to the streets. With the increasing number of wins, you can always buy better cars or upgrade existing ones. The addition “World” comes not by chance, because in addition to numerous cars from around the world, your teammates are mixed.

Live for Speed ​

If you’ve always wanted to be part of a real race and want to be as close to the action as possible, then Live for Speed ​​is the game for you. Unlike Need for Speed, this is about accuracy and precision. So this title manages to make you feel as if you are right on the racetrack and be there live. A real experience in terms of realism and speed.

TrackMania Nations Forever

Who did not enjoy playing with his cars and racecourse as a kid? Imagine just sitting in one of these cars and racing over the racetrack. To fly over ramps and to take different jumps with his car. This game is not about driving on almost realistic-looking tracks, but much more fun with overtaking other drivers and jet towards them in front of them. The other looping is also there and one of the highlights, it is also that you can design routes in “Baumodus” even. These are online with just two clicks and you can invite your friends to join them.



A real simulator! If you’re looking for fun, you better not watch this game. It is not without reason that car manufacturers and racing teams use this game to test their cars in a virtual environment or to get to know a racetrack better. Thanks to the work of the developers, every car was integrated and tuned into the game as well as possible. The result is a game that with a decent level of practice, an incredibly realistic experience ready.

Driving Speed ​​2

Although a bit more unrealistic than racers, Driving Speed ​​2 has been kept very realistic. If you build too many accidents, make mistakes and drive in something, then your car breaks down just as fast as in real life. Somewhat harder to set up as an online variant, it offers but afterwards maximum fun in different V8 bodies and tracks. However, a little practice should also be practiced beforehand in order to stay on track as long as possible.

Hey Siri, drive my car


Well, Siri will probably take a few more years, but self-driving cars are on the rise. Pretty much every technology-based business is doing its bit, and in particular, names like Google and Tesla are in the lead.

But what does that mean for us?

Especially in UK, we live in a country where the car is considered a valuable asset. Partly resembling the status of a deity, it is cherished and maintained. Some even go so far that they prefer to do without the juice for themselves, as for the good oil for the car. And now we should lose the power over that?

speechIt sounds almost absurd, but the hard numbers prove again and again that human beings basically do not belong behind the wheel. Too heavy the incidents in which we act wrongly. Partly by distractions of any kind, on the other hand by emotions. Particularly heavy in the current time, the prevalence in which one can be distracted by his phone. In the one second in which one does not stare at the street but the screen, one simply puts back thirty meters. And that measured by a slow driving style. Once you are engrossed in a conversation, it can quickly be several seconds. It will be difficult to erase this circumstance from everyday life. Personal voice assistants are rarely used or the device is switched off immediately. Even the former cannot be a long-term solution, as they can nevertheless contribute to a distraction. Just like the radio or the passengers.

Your emotions won’t get in a way of driving

Another problem is in the form of emotions. How many times has each of us experienced a situation in which he or she has trouble keeping to himself? It takes us the right of way, someone outdated or other, mostly banal, things get us upset. This stress then passes into our bodies and affects our actions. For some less, for others more. Some even go so far as to explicitly swear revenge and try to reward the others with rapid driving manoeuvres that have just been experienced.

And that’s where autonomous vehicles come into play. They do not care who does anything, and computers are always good when they have to do a job again and again. But there are also many hurdles to overcome, as not only cars are on the road. Our computer-based friends also have to cope with motorbikes, bicycles and pedestrians.

They have to be able to cope with special weather conditions and also to deal with unusual occurrences, such as a broken tire. These demands will last for years of research, but in the past we have shown people time and again that we can solve almost any problem. So, if we can step back and let the cars drive, our roads can really become a better place. We could have a network open to us, something that has never happened before. No more traffic jams, thanks to intelligent road guidance. Reduced fuel consumption through better coordinated driving style and car sharing for optimum coverage with as few vehicles as possible.

The spell of the sports car


The cars are something special. They cling tightly to the asphalt and everyone stops when such a vehicle rushes by. But why should you buy such a projectile? Here are a few reasons.


Every car says something about its owner. People who like to be noticed will most certainly always drive a different car than people whose attention is not so important. So, a cool, fast-paced sports car is more for people who do not mind the looks of others and any envy. Due to these circumstances, sports cars and their owners will always be different from the crowd.

Every ride will be something special

Everyone knows how annoying it is to be in a traffic jam. But if you’re the one sitting in his new sports car, you’ll find that it will not bother you any less than any other car you’ve been stuck in traffic in before. Your car will always give you the feeling every time you drive, as if you just bought it and as if it was something special. For a long time many people save the dream of having their own sports car and can therefore enjoy every ride even more when they finally have their car at the door.

Wait for the right time

Before you buy your long-awaited sports car, be sure to wait for the right time. If you have just moved out and have only recently got your driver’s license or your first job, then maybe it does not make much sense right now. Because sports cars are not only more expensive to buy, but also in entertainment. If you already have a family with children, maybe this would not be the best time either, unless you already have a family car. Many fulfill this dream only when the children are out of the house, they no longer have to work and have enough time to drive the car often enough.


Many cars win the more value, the older they are. So a sports car you buy now can be a lot more valuable in a few years than it is now. If you now make the right choice when buying a car, then this investment could perhaps even take over a small part of your future retirement.

Social recognition

Anyone who drives a sports car has certainly already secured their first topic of conversation with business partners or friends. What could be better than talking about one of the nicest things you can have? A sports car always embodies a feeling of much influence and power. Many women are longing for security and prosperity. How do you say so nice? “The first impression counts!” Most women will admit that they would rather give the man in his chic sports car a chance in a rickety, old compact car. For most women, it is important to know that in the case of a family, there is enough money to keep everyone in good health.

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